I volunteered in Class A (Ages 5-6). We taught them English, mathematics, science, art, etc. I loved that they were SO happy and giggled all day long. I left a piece of my heart in that classroom and knew that I would be back…

In 2013 I travelled back to Tanzania to check in on how things were going at the now Tengeru Village school. I got to volunteer in Baby Class (ages 3-4) and teach once again. While I was there I learned that the school was struggling and I knew that I would need to do something when I got home, I just hadn’t figured it out yet.

After returning from our trips in 2013, my friends Jenn, Megan and I knew that we had to do something else. Sitting around the living room one night, we decided if we wanted to do something, then we should just do it.

On that Friday night in October, we came up with The Bahati Project, and started planning small fundraisers and before you knew it we had a website, bank accounts, events, support and had started raising funds for three different projects in Tanzania, Africa (my favourite Tengeru of course).

In 2015 I returned to Tanzania to check in on our projects. Although we were supporting Tengeru Village, it was still struggling. I volunteered at Tengeru again and tried to get documents and curriculum in place, while helping with food budgets and health checks. While I was in Tanzania I found out that the International Director at the time was going to shut down the school. I just couldn’t let that happen.

The school not only provides education for the 65 students that attend, but provides them with two meals per day, multivitamins, and health and dental checks. It was so much more than education (that they could get at government schools). Summer of 2015 I decided to become the International Director of Tengeru Village School.

There were LOTS of transitions and it has been a roller coaster ever since but I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to help change the lives of these children.

In July 2017, I returned to Tanzania and spent most of my time at the school ironing out some small kinks and getting to know the new students. I also had the opportunity to get to know teaching staff I had hired virtually, and hire a new on site manager who I love and trust with everything. Things at the school have started to run even smoother since the trip in 2017.

I’m continuing to learn more about the Tanzanian culture and I continue to fall in love with the people. I can’t wait to return to visit again and know that I will continually go to Tanzania throughout my life.

You have no idea how much your support means to me and I love getting to share my story and experiences with you. Asante!