Health & Wellbeing

Different from government schools, Tengeru provides two meals daily for students with multivitamins, as well as regular health and dental checks.

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Meaningful Education

Children at the school range from age 3 to 8 years old and we have four main classrooms. At school the students are taught in both Swahili and English to try to provide a better future for them.

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People Power

The school currently has 65 students who attend regularly, 5 paid full-time local staff, 1 paid part-time local staff and a volunteer International Director. It is very important that we keep this school running so the children in Terengu have a chance at a brighter future!

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Get to know me

Hi, I'm Anne-Marie!
I have been to Tanzania four times and am already planning my next adventure! I can't get enough of these smiling little children. I’m currently the International Director of Tengeru Village Prep School, which means I make sure things run from abroad! I have such amazing support on site, and love that our team makes sure that the school runs smoothly. I haven’t always been the International Director, so feel free to read a little bit about my story…

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